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Re: Between thirty and thirty-five million dead in the Eugenics Wars

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What about the scientist mentioned in The Augments as having made the "Superior ability" speech before being killed by an Augment? How could that fit?
As I've said, I think it's easy enough to assume that Greg's novels didn't tell the entire story. Also, it's important to keep in mind that the idea behind Greg's novels isn't that the actions of the Augments were secret; the actions were known, but it wasn't until decades later that the full story behind them and the true nature of figures like Khan was discovered by the world. So the scientist's murder may have been known of at the time, but it wasn't until later that it was realized the Augments had existed and the murderer had been one of them.

And in one of Christopher's books, aren't the augment embryos from Cold Station 12 explained as having been rescued from Project Chrysalis by Gary 7 before its destruction?
I don't think that was me.
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