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Re: The Motion Picture question..

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I think I could almost be at peace with the thing if a certain number of snips were made (like the guy fleeing epsilon 9), but since an edit-your-own-version option is not likely forthcoming (editing the music would be pretty impossible anyway, I think), I remain ambivalent.
I wish I had the skill to edit some of these sci fi greats. I'd use the TMP directors cut but leaving in all the character dialogue from earlier in the movie. What it really needs is some character scenes in the latter half though and that would take some serious CGI - lol.

I would however to back to TOS replace every random blonde yeoman offering Kirk a padd on the bridge with Grace Lee Whitney and all would be right in seasons 2 and 3 of TOS. Actually, thinking about it there are only about half a dozen TOS episodes that I care enough about to do that.

The movie I REALLY want to edit is Star Wars III. I'd edit out any reference to Darth Vader and leave Anakin burning by the Volcano, I'd edit out Padme's death, the naming of the children, Senator Organa's offer to adopt, and most of the bow-tying in the last half an hour. TMP is fine compared to that.
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