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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

We have to hope the choice for the day the counter hits zero, April Fools Day (or as they call it in France, The Fish of April) is just a sad coincidence, and this is not a fish story. April 5, just four days later, is First Contact Day. So, we'll see. I have not been whining for Exeter, 005, FYI. There is more stuff to watch that is available than I have time to watch. Act IV would be nice, but between Dec. 31 2013 and today, January 14, 2014 we were given the gifts of Phase II's "Kitumba," Star Trekz Empire's 3-part, hour-long pilot story, Potemkin's "The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky" (with it's own eye-popping CGI, by the way), a gaggle of fresh audio Trek, Star Trek: Romulan Wars' Season 2 Eps. 2, "The Needs of the Many", Kirk Danhauser's "Logical Thinking: Three" short, and for German-speaker's Star Trek Euderion's new release, "Schatten der Vergangenheit" ... and I left some stuff out... so I'm much too busy watching Star Trek fan films to whine about one of them.
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