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Re: What are the core and best episodes?

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Stormfront I and II are like the eighth night of Chanukah. It's the perfunctory ending to something that already given you all the joy it can.
But WHAT IF your parents gave you a unicycle one year on the eighth night, to fuck with you? Because while it's true no one else had one of these things and it's expensive and you didn't expect it it is also odd and useless. I mean you're not going to go down the shops on it, are you.
I'll accept that time-traveling Nazis are odd and useless, and the parents who give them to their Jewish children on the eighth night of Chanukah are particularly cruel.

In all seriousness, I learned this year (thanks to the earliness of the holiday, the lateness of end of year sales, and an illness that kept me in bed) that it's more effective to frontload the gifts rather than put all the emphasis on the last night.
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