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Yeah, I'm the same as you. I try to win but the main reason I game is to hang out with my friends. If I lose then oh well, there's always another game.

I only play regularly with a couple of good mates and one of them is a pretty bad loser. He used to be the type where if he got to a point where he thought he couldn't win (note I said thought) he'd ruin the game for everyone, like in Catan he'd just offer stupid trades. We actually banned him from Catan for a long time after that, but he's better now.

He's still pretty bad at handling losing though, I think it's because he tries to put a lot of effort into thinking about a strategy so when it doesn't come off it's like a lot of energy has been wasted. I generally don't like to put too much thought into things because I want to relax when I play games and I hate games that feel like work!
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