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The Resistance is SO much fun but you need at least 5 people, and as long as your group are willing to lie to each other and try to psych each other out it's a blast.
Bought it as soon as i saw it on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop. We played it on new years eve amongst a group of close friends and it was such a success.. who knew lying to your friends and misleading them could be so much fun?

In the same vein i totally recommend the Battlestar Galactica game.. it is so well designed and fun. A bit complicated at first but once you finish the first few rounds and the first game you get the rules and can concentrate on gameplay. Another game where you will have a traitor (or several) amongst the group and trying to root them out and drive them into the open is nailbiting and that's on top of fighting off Cylon attacks and trying to keep your ressources up as much as you can (we barely won our first game by making the last jump to Kobol, we wouldn't have survived another round).
I've only played that once and I didn't have the best experience due to a couple of factors -

1. Two of the guys had played it before while me and my friend were new to it. The guy who owned the game was a bit of an alpha-gamer and if me or my friend wanted to look up something in the rules he actually wouldn't give us the rules, so he had to stop the game and look through the rules himself so he could explain it to us.

2. This dragged the game out a bit, and we had time constraints already so we didn't actually get to play the game to completion so of course we didn't get the full experience.
Yeah, unfortunately people like this exist. My game were with my best friends and we all played for the first time. The owner of the game just bought and had read the manual the day before so he could explain the rules.. when we stumbled we would just look them up and played on.

I have a guy in my gaming group who is a very sore loser, mainly because he believes he's a better gamer than anyone so when his plan doesn't work out he gets mad and blames everyone else but him.

Case in point "Ticket to Ride" (another awesome game, very recommended). He had built this huge line that was incomplete but would have won him the game if he had completed it. It's been a while but one of the conditions when the game ends is when one of the players runs out of stuff to put on the map which happened when his girlfriend didn't have any trains so the game ended and we went on counting the score (he didn't win obviously).

He went all hyper childish accusing her of hiding her markers so he couldn't see and gauge when the game would end etcblabla.. i was so close to putting him in his place and leaving gaming night because if there's one thing i can't stand it's a bad loser. I play for the fun of it, being with friends, talking smack and just having a good time.. if i win it's awesome but if i don't no big deal (might grumble if i lose due to bad luck or almost win but that passes quickly).

There are games where one of the core mechanics is to fuck up other people's plans such as Smash Up which i will never play with him.
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