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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

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Lords are elected government representatives.
Elected by whom?
Ooh slam dunk. I'm guessing our alien overlords.

When Tony Blair was PM he tried to reform the House of Lords from being unelected to semi-elected or something like that. I understand the need for a upper house given some of the totally retarded laws the House of Commons and the Government try and push through and the Lords does act as a balance against that because even though it's made of former MPs among it's ranks, until the dickhead-in-chief started filling it up with more Conservative peers, it has pretty much been nonpartisan.

But yes, one of my biggest bug bears is that this check-and-balance and who can dictate what laws are passed or what should be "watered down" is unelected.

As for swearing allegiance to the queen. Nope, never done that, even when doing the Scout promise, I always skirted over that part and submitted (mentally mind you) God and the Queen with Humanity and Community respectively. - Now that a new promise has been made for non-god fearing heathens like myself, it should be a whole lot easier.
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