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Re: New Casting and Story Rumors re: EPISODE VII

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The best this movie can probably do is to just destroy the franchise without ruining its legacy too much.

How so? Explain.

1. The movie hasn't even begun principal photography yet. They're still casting and in the middle of the pre-production process. We don't even have full, official confirmation of anybody's involvement in the film other than the few names at the top of the production and direction heap.

2. Original Trilogy stalwarts are going to be involved. Lawrence Kasdan played integral roles in making Empire and Jedi the popular, beloved modern classics that they are. J.J.'s many things, but a complete egomaniac and dictator who doesn't listen to others on his staff and is deliberately trying to sink entire franchises isn't one of them.

3. Disney, Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy aren't going to put this cherished franchise in the hands of a complete idiot who can barely direct a beer or tampon commercial. J.J. is a tried and tested factor who - whether you liked the last two movies or not - revived the Star Trek film franchise after the tanking and failure of Nemesis, a film even many die-hard, committed Trekkers didn't want to see. Abrams isn't Lucas. He's not Kershner. He's not Marquand. But he's not a chump or a putz who is going to torpedo one of the greatest franchises in the history of popular entertainment.

Again: how is he going to destroy Star Wars?

For 1, we know Abrams is involved, and that's all that needs to be said. The guy outright killed Star Trek, and turned its corpse into the most brainless action film he could get away with. He in no way revived it. He just turned its corpse into cheap fodder for 13 year olds. It would have been a mercy, and better for the franchise, to leave it dead. He's basically guaranteed that we'll never see real Star Trek again from movies or TV. As for casting, if we get the original three then the movie will have at least three good casting choices. If none of them are in it, we'll be lucky if its just as bad as Star Trek's cast.

For #2, it doesn't matter who else is working on it. JJ is writing and directing it, its his movie. Kasdan has no say in what happens, its all JJ. He was hired to make money, and c%^p like JJ Trek and Transformers made money, so this will just be more of the same. He's proven that he does one thing well. He turns good franchises into mindless action films, and doesn't care about the franchise in question. He's the Emperor of SW, unless he literally loses his mind he's definitely going to get whatever he wants.

Ok, 3 is just hilarious. Disney doesn't care about Star Wars, they care about money. If they thought it would make them money, Episode 7 would be all about R2-D2 and C-3PO teaming up with Jar Jar to save the Ewoks. They are more than willing to give SW to the guy who basically made Transformers in space.

Star Wars was officially dead the moment he came on board. No one who can turn out JJ Trek has an ability to do anything good. He's a hack but, much like Michael Bay, he makes brain dead movies for people who want them, and they make money. There is literally no one I think would be worse for SW. I'd take M. Night Shyamalan over Abrams, at least then SW would have some chance of surviving in some form that resembled its original version. As it is, be ready for another idiotic action movie with a sci fi skin, because that's all Abrams is good for.
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