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Re: Fringe - A Review

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I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the show "Fringe" was never actually greenlighted by any studio or aired by any network. What you are reacting to are afterimages from either an alternate universe or timeline where the show did air, and those images should fade in your memory unless they create some kind of fracture in our reality. I also must ask, have you been doing any psychedelic drugs or imbibed in an unusual number of high-fat milkshakes?
Um… ya maybe.


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They spent like five episodes establishing a Peter-less universe which was rather slow moving (I honestly think they could have done that effectively in one episode). When they did indeed get the season arc underway, it felt rather rushed to me. When season four aired, a great many of the commentary threads were full of regular viewers announcing they were jumping ship.
I can see how the Peter thing may have felt dragged out but it doesn't totally feel that way if you're watching one episode after the other. As for the season arc, like I said, it didn't interest me, so I didn't mind that they didn't get to it sooner or that it was glossed over.

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I'm glad I stuck with it, because the last episode wasn't just the resolution of the season, but also of plot threads that seemed to get dropped in season one.
I enjoyed the episodes but I was also surprised to see how mundane they were for a two-part season finale. Part 1 was pretty much a case of the week episode. And when the season ended, I didn't feel much in the way of closure. I thought that season 5 would continue what was going on in seasons 3 and 4 but that wasn't the case. I'll get to that when I'm done though.

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Lost is a good comparison. Each season had a unified arc, and the next went in a different direction. Lost had a time travel season, Fringe had a season where every other episode was from the point of view of the AU "bad guys."
Season 5 has been the biggest shake-up yet. I'll be curious to know what people's reactions were to that.

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I'm pretty sure that the alternate Astrid had Asperger's syndrome.
I see. So everyone else is more confident but she went in the opposite direction.

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Bob persuaded me to watch the season with the Olivias switched and I have to say he was right. It was worth persevering with it. My only other comment that any French person on the board could tell you that 'faux' is masculine. Unless you're making knowing in-jokes about Olivia, in which case as you were.
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Faux as a term is commonly used in arts and crafts in the US, and Fauxlivia is pretty commonly used amongst fans even if it is technically wrong (I am reminded of an old B movie called The Were Woman). People working on the show called the character Bolivia (B Universe Olivia), while I always preferred Evilivia.
Deckerd wrote: View Post
Bolivia makes more sense and is less offensive. She wasn't evil. She was just committed to preserving her world. I like The Were Woman though. It shows a perfect disconnect of the film men to the idea that it shows they think women are a different species from men.
Good to know. "Fauxlivia" was used in the show at least once. That's where I got it. I saw "Bolivia" in a Netflix episode synopsis but I thought someone misheard "Fauxlivia" and wrote down Bolivia. "Fauxlivia" comes off better. I never would have guessed that Bolivia was derived from B-Olivia if no one ever pointed it out.
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