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Re: New Casting and Story Rumors re: EPISODE VII

I remember somebody in the entertainment industry once describing the Battle of Endor and the Second Death Star in ROTJ as perhaps the greatest aerial/space battle ever committed to film, greater than the original conflict over the first Death Star, anything in the Prequels or all the spacecraft battles filmed for other sci-fi/fantasy films through the decades. Part of that adoration comes from the sheer complexity of the stop-motion and bluescreen photography done to assemble a battle containing so many large capital ships, a looming, colossal battle station, Endor below and all the zipping Rebel and Imperial fighters trying to elude one another's blaster fire.

It also feels like a much more personal battle because of the focus placed on Lando and Nien Nunb in the cockpit of the Falcon and Wedge soaring alongside or behind them in his battleworn X-Wing. Lando and Wedge are characters we grew to like over the course of two or three films and now they were placed right in the middle of this enormous orbital battle with a plethora of bright explosions, streaking vessel trails and remote detonations caused by attacking ships too distant to see clearly. All of these elements combined with the raw physical effort it took to film and transfer them to celluloid to create a truly memorable and exciting conflict in the vacuum of space.

The Battle of Naboo and the Trade Federation droid control ship? The Battle of Coruscant and General Grievous' flagship? Not so much. They're fantastic eye candy, but just don't offer a personal connection or a believable sense of danger the way the Endor clash does. We know nine-year-old Anakin by the end of Episode I....but do we feel for his victory the same way we do for Lando, Nien Nunb and Wedge when they cheer and laugh, the Death Star exploding behind them as they escape at the last moment?
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