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Re: New Casting and Story Rumors re: EPISODE VII

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
That said, I do sincerely believe that if die-hard fans got to handle things their way, despite all their efforts, it would end up being for the franchise kinda like the Executor smashing into the Death Star II.

Case in point: I wanted a bigger space battle in Return of the Jedi. Years later, I began to appreciate that we'd already been there and done that in A New Hope. Me getting my fangasm would have come at the expense of going back to where the OT had already been. I've since come to appreciate that one of the things that Jedi has going for it is that it makes the few space battle scenes that are in there count a great deal. Plus, it got to expand the base by appealing to an audience to whom WWII reenactments in space don't really appeal.

Fans routinely want to revisit the moments when they squeed, and they have a hard time coming up with genuinely new ideas. Overloading a new film with the servicing of things past is not the way to go forward and blaze new territory, and it would cause me to cross the line into becoming concerned, is really all I meant.
I think the Clone Wars series really did a good job of evoking those "squee" moments without bloating them into the visually-mesmerizing, narratively-excessive frenzy we saw at the beginning of ROTS. I'm pretty darned sure we're going to get at least one space battle. But if it follows a tighter focus, like Clone Wars, ANH, or even ROTJ, it'll be worth seeing.

JD wrote: View Post
I'm kind of torn on this if it's true. On the one hand it does make sense to focus on the familiar (the big three), when starting over as a way to introduce the new (second generation), but at the same time it is going to be ridiculous to have people as old as Hamil, Ford, and Fisher are now playing action hero in a big budget blockbuster like this.
Where does it say they are playing "action hero" though? The story could absolutely focus on them without having them resort to the kind of physicality we saw from Ford in KOTCS.
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