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Re: Decon blue porn. You know you want it

Great. The next Star Trek will be like Game of Thrones.

By definition, base here is related to:
"a. Having or showing a contemptible, mean-spirited, or selfish lack of human decency. See Synonyms at mean2.b. Devoid of high values or ethics: a base, degrading way of life.
c. Inferior in value or quality."

Sad really. What a setback for feminism...and humanity in general.

I'm more interested in the actor's ability and craft and not in their package size or breast size. The former are important attributes to convey a story. The later has nothing to do with the story, merely exploit them and degrade us if the situation is gratuitous and not within the context of intimacy.

With those kinds of gratuitous nudity, then I guess the producers will decide only big breasted sexy women need apply.
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