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Re: Decon blue porn. You know you want it

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It's gratitous nudity simply to please baser instincts
Why are these instincts "baser"?

(shall we pick actors with big packages?)

Really, I would like to see tons of people in the decon chamber, not just the conventionally hot ones. Stick Phlox in there, his scaley pudginess is adorable. It's not having scenes with non-story furthering nudity that bothers me it's that a lot of fanboys would have a cow if you stuck a woman in there who was older or fatter. Lwaxana, Pulaski..

It's not a brave new world to get rid of the decon type scenes, it's a brave new world to include everyone in them.

Why do it? Wasn't the vision to create a future where sexism is decreased, where gender roles change enough that physical comeliness is not a prerequisite to acting on the show?
And the answer to that is not to desex Star Trek (already one of the least sexy shows out there) but to show sexuality as being a broad spectrum and not just about Hollywood bodies.

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