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Re: New Casting and Story Rumors re: EPISODE VII

I think he's out to make money. He obviously doesn't care about the franchises he's working on (outside of stuff he created, I guess). Whether intentional or not, the guy's a complete moron. Even if he didn't do JJ Trek vindictively (and parts of both movies really made me wonder), he sucks. I'm sure Michael Bay wan't trying to destory the Transformers, but he just sucks, so it happened. Same with Abrams. Even if he's not going out of his way to do it, his "ideas" and style suck, so the end result is the same as if he was actively trying to ruin the franchise. He's not here to make a good SW movie, just like he wasn't trying to make a good ST movie. He wants the Transformers money, so he appeals to the same demographic as that franchise. No characterization, the plot as an afterthought (he may not have written them, but he definately had input), mostly horrible actors, and action scenes to make the 13 years olds scream is what his ST movies did, and its what the SW movies will do. Its just a question as to whether we'll have Ford and/or hamil to bring some good acting to the movie, or if we'll have to deal with idiots like 75% of the cast of JJ Trek.

The best this movie can probably do is to just destroy the franchise without ruining its legacy too much. Don't ruin popular characters or concepts that you don't absolutely have to. Leave the EU alone, and just kill the stuff based solely on the movies. That and bring a bit of nostalgia by having the old actors. Its the end of the real Star Wars universe, and we won't even have an "alternate timeline" excuse to keep the good stuff safe.
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