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Do you gents feel that STAR TREK: The Motion Picture holds up, after yay, these many decades? Does it feel dated? Or are you transported to a world that you find believable, interesting ... and, perhaps, even exciting?
A lot has changed about my opinion of TMP over the years, but in the main, I remain schizophrenic about it, liking some things and just rolling my eyes at others. During the 90s I started just watching it in sections on laserdisc, fastforwarding to get to the cloud (the very part I went out for cigarettes on during my second, third, fourth and fifth screenings in theater), and my appreciation for the good vfx has only grown with the passage of time (which says a lot, since I thought it should have won the Oscar for VFX even back when I hated the movie.)

I think I could almost be at peace with the thing if a certain number of snips were made (like the guy fleeing epsilon 9), but since an edit-your-own-version option is not likely forthcoming (editing the music would be pretty impossible anyway, I think), I remain ambivalent.

I still watch it a couple or three times each year all the way through (TMP, TWOK & TFF are the ones I rewatch most, along with TUC ... the Nimoy films just don't grab me at all, though SFS has some interesting colored lighting choices), but if I could wave a wand to tweak the costumes and change the lighting to something that works for human faces, I'd probably watch it every 6 or 8 weeks.
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