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Re: New Casting and Story Rumors re: EPISODE VII

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I know you don't like J.J. and his films, but do you really think he's going to do that bad a job with Episode VII? Lawrence Kasdan and other OT talent are involved and the film isn't being rushed to make a world premiere date that would dilute the story's quality and production values.

I've thought other directors were "meh" or "bleh" too until I gave them another chance and I found even if most of their catalog doesn't appeal to me a little or some of it does and I can enjoy what they made in those small corners of their respective careers. Try not to be so closed-minded, because if the OT heroes are taking center stage then not all is gonna be lost no matter what the finished product is like (hint: it probably won't stink).
Well, i have found that Christopher Nolan can direct good movies, as long as they aren't superhero movies (both Inception and Memento were very enjoyable). Still, this is Abrams with a sci fi franchise. Even without complete hacks writing it (Orci and Kurtzman are, admittedly, about as big a part in the destruction of Star Trek as Abrams ) they're going to want to make a movie in the same style of JJ Trek. Bad writing, lens flares, and horrible characters are just to be expected. He's just Michael Bay with a fixation on lensflare instead of explosions. He has no ability to do anything, except ruin every good sci fi franchise. With my luck, after SW he'll move on to a Stargate reboot (or, god forbid, a Firefly reboot).
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