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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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I don't see the comparison to Arrow.
Really? A "city on the brink"? Outlandish criminals/villains? Well-intentioned detectives who just may be overmatched? No superpowers? DC Comics? Benevolent yet tortured billionaires? Am I describing Arrow or this Gotham show here? Still don't see it?
Hmm, I suppose it's true that there are some similarities, though there are obvious differences as well. Still, just as the "teen hero before he dons the cape" thing feels derivative of Smallville (ironically, since Smallville was retooled from Bruce Wayne to begin with), you're right that the "city on the brink" aspect would probably make it feel derivative of Arrow to many people. Which, again, would be kind of an irony, since Arrow is basically inspired by Nolan's Batman, and Green Arrow has always been something of a Batman clone. So we'd have a show about Bruce Wayne that's seen as derivative of two things that were both derivative of Batman. Which is an unfortunate position to be in.
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