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Re: Decon blue porn. You know you want it

There's probably almost nil product placement within the Star Trek franchise. I'm talking about the reality of television being used to sell products. Therefore creating situations where nubile figures prance around rubbing gel on others, cutting to commercial, back to the television episode, rinse repeat.

I can honestly remember as a young child being impressed that Uhura was an officer aboard a starship and African-American. There was practically nothing like this in reality. Sulu, a Japanese person being a navigator? It was unbelievable and so appealing to a partially Asian child looking for rolemodels. A Romulan female commander! That was awesome. But it wasn't all like that, with terrible episodes like Gamesters of Triskelon and trying to guess who Kirk was going to bang that week.

Appealing to the lowest possible denominator isn't a good thing. Intentionally making nudity an expectation since decon is going to happen every away mission is ABSURD. Seeing people tastefully flirt and make out is absolutely normal.

Can you recall the episode in TNG when a wiggling alien thrusts itself under the sheets of Deanna Troi to impregnate her? I was embarassed as a father to see that happen on primetime tv and in front of my wide eyed children too. Holy cow.
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