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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

The "night before" party for Netflix. Loved the host's joke re: netflix shouldn't get smug (2 best actress nominees) because in 3 years SNAPCHAT will be at the GG's accepting awards.

More pics of our three ladies from their night out on the town.

Why does Taylor need spray paint before a big night in Hollywood?

Love this description of Annie Golden's audition (Silent Norma).

Uzo has a new gig, now that season 2's shoot is over.

The end is near, or here for the shooting.

I think I can read her mind, and its saying, "Bring it on, Red!"

This poster just made me chuckle.

While THIS one made me laugh!

This article just goes to show what happens when the writer either never watched the show, or watched it SO long ago they are mixing up their characters.

i.e. Poussey might have run from the law, but she wasn't running track before prison.

A TOTALLY SFW OitNB Piper/Alex video. (Where's the fun in that??? )

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