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Re: Decon blue porn. You know you want it

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I understand why acting on television strives to get the most beautiful or handsome people on the screen. It's done so the viewers live vicariously and then think, "If only I could be like them...." and then Madison Avenue pushes a new skin cream, exercise equipment, all manner of food items, with the idea that you'll look like the person pushing the product. That's garbage honestly.
It isn't total garbage. There is nothing wrong with seeing someone with a healthy, beautiful body and wanting to be like that, nor is there anything wrong with enjoying looking at beautiful bodies - naked or otherwise - for entertainment purposes. The only real place that I see a problem coming into it is that there aren't enough body types represented. A healthy but short-and-squat framed man or woman (or any of several other healthy builds that can be found in the human populace) can be just as pleasing to the eye as the one or two builds that seem to be the only ideals of beauty that Hollywood usually deals in, and living vicariously through them would allow the setting of healthier and more realistic goals for viewers of those same general builds.

As far as the marketing goes, well, I think modern marketing, rather than straight-forward presentations of products based on their merits and actual attributes, is one of the four or five main scourges of this planet. Seriously. But, since I don't recall Enterprise crewpeople using particular brands of lotion or other product placement like that - in fact, I don't recall seeing any product placement in Trek at all until Star Trek '09 with the Budweisers and the Nokia device in the car young Kirk was in - I'm not sure that is a very valid complaint about the decon scenes.
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