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Star Wars: Episode VII: The Nerd Rage Awakens

Hugo Weaving and Michael Fassbender are now rumored to be up for roles in next year's Episode VII, with talk that the genre fan favorite Weaving is up for the role of an unnamed Imperial officer of the post-Palpatine era.

J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan have also supposedly been retooling the script of the new film to focus more heavily on the classic Troika from the OT (Luke, Leia and Han) and less on any secondary heroes such as theoretical offspring of the previous episodes' heroes. Thoughts? Facebook and other websites have been replete with posters who don't care much for the idea of fifty/sixtysomething Luke and Leia and a seventyish Han running around as action heroes in the Sequel Trilogy, with some even saying that Harrison Ford's turn as Indiana Jones in Crystal Skull demonstrated that his days as a believable action hero are behind him. Me? I want to see the classic heroes and the Skywalker Twins again, but it might be very wise to let younger characters take much more prominent roles in Episodes VIII and IX so that the Skywalker family legacy and/or the restored Jedi Order can take the spotlight to usher in a great new era in galactic history.

There's only so much that Hamill, Ford and Fisher can pull off these days without being turned into CGI cartoons whirling and spinning all over the screen.
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