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Re: Decon blue porn. You know you want it

I'm hardly a prude or skittish about nudity being used in an artistic way to convey a story. Nudity has been a major aspect of art throughout the ages, and it continues to be so. In fact, nudity is a normal aspect of living, and so it can desensitize us by being on so frequently. Trying to censor nudity can be illogical or it can a sign of being sexually repressed.

However with that being said, nudity actually harms Star Trek in the manner depicted above. It's gratitous nudity simply to please baser instincts and not intended to further a story. The application of decontamination gel in this manner makes no medical sense, and it doesn't add to the story, and it doesn't do much of anything except titilate the viewer.

Why do it? Wasn't the vision to create a future where sexism is decreased, where gender roles change enough that physical comeliness is not a prerequisite to acting on the show?

There's a scence in the much bandyed film "Soldier" (with Kurt Russell). a bunch of cloned human soldiers are coming along to replace the current soldiers who were born by ordinary means but hand-picked after birth. One of the officers when looking over them remarks, "Well...they're pretty....". Sure they're perfect specimens, all Adonises, but can any of them do the work?

I understand why acting on television strives to get the most beautiful or handsome people on the screen. It's done so the viewers live vicariously and then think, "If only I could be like them...." and then Madison Avenue pushes a new skin cream, exercise equipment, all manner of food items, with the idea that you'll look like the person pushing the product. That's garbage honestly.

To put this in a Star Trek universe is worse, because while youthful professional people can all be beautiful due to their exhuberance, passion, liveliness, and inexperience...they also come in all different shapes and sizes.

Because women are held to an even worse standard, I'm surprised at some of what I think are female responses, because feminists fought so hard against those very ideas. One can be comely without it having anything whatsoever to do with their abilities.

Nudity and frank sexuality is certainly a part of budding friendship in relationships leading to romance. We would expect for all kinds of sexual akwardness and flirting to occur in encountering alien species and in understanding their cultural practices. But doing this in decontamination is just wrong on many levels.

Because nudity was most abused to female actors, I really think it's wrong within a Star Trek unless it's specifically done for romantic reasons.

Heck, it's not even limited to nudity. Can you see the male actors of Star Trek walking around in skin tight costumes, attention to detail like deep cleavage (shall we pick actors with big packages?), and multiple costume changes because of it? We'd all think it absurd.

The female astronauts of the US must be cringing. Instead of the extraordinary effort to be the best in fitness as well as professionally, they must also look good nude.
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