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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

Bruce starts out at 12 and puts on the cape in the finale? So either they expect the show to run for 13 years or more, or it's going to have some major time jumps, or they're going to borrow that Silver Age idea that teenage Bruce was the first Robin and adopted that persona to train under a master detective.

This is basically what Millar and Gough were going to do in their Bruce Wayne series before the movie-driven "Bat-embargo" required them to abandon the idea and do Smallville instead. But that was supposed to be about Bruce as a twentysomething adult, I believe, much like Arrow's Oliver Queen. If they are focusing on his teen years, that makes it even more like Smallville.

The statement is unclear on whether Gordon will still be the lead character, whether Bruce's story is the core plot or an ongoing subplot. And what the hell is that turn of phrase, "an operatic soap?" "Soap" is short for "soap opera" to begin with, so that's kind of a tautology.
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