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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Aquaman and The Others would be cool if Johns were writing it, but the most disappointing thing about the new 52 is how we now have basically mainstream characters headlining the series and the majority of the innovative concepts have been abandoned.
Yeah, I jumped on board with characters and concepts I never tried before only to be rewarded with cancellations.

That I read a year+ of and now cancelled:
Resurrection Man
I, Vampire
Frankenstein Agent of Shade
Demon Knights
Sword of Amethyst(ok 8 issues)
Captain Atom
Mister Terrific

I'm back to just reading most DC in TPB again with exception of Swamp Thing, Aquaman and JLD

It seems Marvels new wave of All-New Marvel Now is picking up the attempt at characters who've been overlooked a chance for awhile.
Black Widow
Iron Patriot
Moon Knight
Ghost Rider(4th one, new character)
New Warriors
Iron Fist
Silver Surfer
Ms.Marvel(2nd one, new character not Danvers)
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