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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

The game has still the most major flaw.. tiny areas where you can built a suburb at best and it doesn't look like they're willing to enlarge the area.

So still absolutely no buy from me which makes me quite sad as i love the Sim City series.


Article on about the failures of Sim City

Best parts?

During the intervening months, then-General Manager Lucy Bradshaw (Buechner’s predecessor, now an EA senior vice president) made several statements implying that Maxis could not take SimCity offline, including once going so far as to say it was “not possible” to do. Maxis has since clarified that she intended to qualify that with statement “without a significant amount of engineering work,” as she did elsewhere on the same day.
So the former general manager is now senior vice president of EA, i guess it really is true that some people tend to fail upwards

“Heading into launch it was clear from community feedback, from fans and press, that the community wanted a way to play offline,”
So they knew that fans were less than enthusiastic (to put it mildly) about the online design choice but continued anyway because customers opinion? Who cares...

And then fucked up the release royally

The chief remaining criticism of SimCity is its very limited city sizes. That, unfortunately, Maxis has said it is unable to expand without severely impacting performance on its users’ PCs. However, the addition of offline mode also promises to bring relatively unfettered mod support, which means that enterprising PC gamers might soon work their way around those limitations. While Buechner says he’d be surprised to see a fully functional large-city mod out in the first week due to the work involved, he’s optimistic about the possibilities. “I’m hopeful we’ll see all sorts of amazing things out of the modding community. I’m glad that we can support them by giving them the offline mode.”

We have fucked up the game by designing and programming it like true amateurs and have taken ages before giving up claiming it can't be changed (and near instantly proven wrong by the modders).

Now that we have given up we are acting like we're making a gift to the community by allowing Mods in the hope better programmers might fix our mess (for free of course) and the game will climb out of opinion hell.

I don't know if i should act surprised at the sheer disingenuity of these statements by EA officials and i really do hope they learned from this fiasco. If they ever decide to make another Sim City i hope they get someone good at the helm who understands the core of the game and is able to keep the moneyhungry side of EA at bay long enough to deliver a playable game.
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