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The Resistance is SO much fun but you need at least 5 people, and as long as your group are willing to lie to each other and try to psych each other out it's a blast.
Bought it as soon as i saw it on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop. We played it on new years eve amongst a group of close friends and it was such a success.. who knew lying to your friends and misleading them could be so much fun?

In the same vein i totally recommend the Battlestar Galactica game.. it is so well designed and fun. A bit complicated at first but once you finish the first few rounds and the first game you get the rules and can concentrate on gameplay. Another game where you will have a traitor (or several) amongst the group and trying to root them out and drive them into the open is nailbiting and that's on top of fighting off Cylon attacks and trying to keep your ressources up as much as you can (we barely won our first game by making the last jump to Kobol, we wouldn't have survived another round).
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