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Re: Lack of Alien influence in Starfleet ship design...

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So I'll just say that I find the subject of these actual starships interesting, and that I suspect that there are separate cases when we are looking at starships, inter-dimensional craft, and even timeships from our future.

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It's highly likely that whatever UFOs are, that besides things like earthlights from say piezzoelectric effects from fractures in volcanoes, they are far stranger things than interstellar craft. The physics rules for the amount of fuel needed for warp drive rather preclude a starship with warp drive from occurring.

However, did you know that there are plans for a warp engine in reality? See:

In that article they're talking about ways of warping space right before a craft. More here:

This physics problem lead early UFO researcher Jacques Vallee to consider an interdimensional hypothesis. He's the one who assisted J Allen Hynek. Both were trained astronomers, with Valle being a computer scientist as well. He's given lectures at TED Talks.

Such a craft that would look very different than starships. One of the weird occurance around UFOs is the habit of some to display to have a morphing attribute. This could partially be explained by being from a different dimension.

If you read Flatland, in which a 3D creature encounters a 2D creature, the 2D creatures sees a 3D creature pass through 2D space. So they would see 2D slices as they passed through their space. That distortion would result in something like CAT scans of a being, or in morphing of UFOs as they passed through some of our dimensions.

One explanation here:

I believe this is one of the photos taken from a military reconissance plane of an UFO and included in one of Vallee's books from the late seventies.

Vallee believed at least some of the UFOs were RPV (remote piloted vehicles) an early name for the then classified drone program of that period.

To bring this back to the topic, this saucer shape certainly influenced the saucer shape within the Constitution class of the Star Trek universe.

There are very few good photos of the reported "foo fighters" encountered by Allied pilots during WW2. Here's one of the better ones:

It's possible it's ball lightning, a manmade ball lightning project by Nazi scientists, or a UFO since we cannot identify it.

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