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Why do I mention this? Because I feel like I see a LOT of comments. . . where people have clearly just allowed themselves to turn these people into the stupidest, most evil and poorly intentioned people EVER.
I feel like I see a lot of people who are prone to tendentiously reading comments this way that make no personal claims about Abrams or anyone else.

For example, say my name were Devin Faraci and this was how I felt about Star Trek: Into Darkness:

The infamous purveyor of Hatorade, Devin Faraci wrote:
Star Trek Into Darkness brought back both the cast who made the first film live and the script flaws that almost sank it, except this time the script flaws were not going to get upstaged. Into Darkness is dumb, it's complicated for no reason, it features reveals that are meaningless to the plot and it pisses away Star Trek's most name-brand villain in a plotline that disrespects hardcore fans while being meaningless to the coveted new audience. Star Trek Into Darkness is a movie so bad that it fails on almost every conceivable level, including mewling fan service. This isn't the worst film of the year - The Delivery Man and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are even worse, believe it or not - but it's without a doubt the film that squanders the most talent, money and good will.
Now, even if my feelings about it were that strong (and I'm not laying claim to Devin's opinions word-for-word, I actually happen to think STiD is the better of the two AbramsTrek films), still: notice how all those things said there are about the movie and not about claiming that Abrams rapes kittens and steals Meals-on-Wheels money from sweet old grannies?

It's still just an opinion about a film, not an opinion about whether you should hang out and have a beer with the filmmaker. Nor even by extension an opinion about what sort of person you must be for liking such a film.

More people should get a real handle on that kind of distinction.

[FWIW, I have no particular personal opinions about J.J. Abrams, on account of I make a point of trying to avoiding speculating in this way about people I don't know. As a filmmaker and television producer I would say his work seems a very mixed bag and much overrated -- though Cloverfield is solidly in the plus column for me and Super 8 was pretty good.]
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