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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

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Of course those "old fashioned" ideals actually came with an unfortunate degree of racism, gender discrimination and social inequality...but that's a whole other discussion!
Criticism from a man whose country still has Lords and Ladies and swears allegiance to a Queen.
Citizens of the UK are not required to swear allegiance to anyone.

Lords are elected government representatives.

"Ladies" refering simply to their spouses, who often have other roles in government/civil service.

All of the "old fashioned" aspects of the jobs themselves have been replaced apart from a few aesthetic keepsakes, a tiny piece of what the House of Lords actually is today.

These people are the final stage of passing laws that have overturned the likes of gender and racial inequality.

But do please keep being ignorant, it's amusing.
Watch 'Benefits Street' for a real slice of British life.

I personally have toasted the Queen on many occasions, however.

And 'Ladies' are not just the spouses of Lords. Many Baronesses are titled on their own merit, don't forget. Go Floella Benjamin, I say!
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