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Re: Fringe - A Review

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I'm not sure what they spent too much or not enough time on, but my take is that the season was a mixed bag. The altered timeline arc went from causing a lot of expectations to being surprisingly acceptable in the end, while the cases of the week were pretty good, only to get replaced by an ongoing plot that I found uninteresting.
They spent like five episodes establishing a Peter-less universe which was rather slow moving (I honestly think they could have done that effectively in one episode). When they did indeed get the season arc underway, it felt rather rushed to me. When season four aired, a great many of the commentary threads were full of regular viewers announcing they were jumping ship. I'm glad I stuck with it, because the last episode wasn't just the resolution of the season, but also of plot threads that seemed to get dropped in season one.

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As for the show reinventing itself, I'd say it evolved similar to the way Lost did. The convoluted, or should I say complex arc involving the timeline made this show something that could only be appreciated if you had been watching from the beginning, a show that would confuse the casual viewer just tuning in. Maybe this will be a habit for J.J. Abrams shows.
Lost is a good comparison. Each season had a unified arc, and the next went in a different direction. Lost had a time travel season, Fringe had a season where every other episode was from the point of view of the AU "bad guys."
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