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But from various interviews and anecdotes one red thread of what Gene Roddenberry actually wanted becomes clear: Less militaristic overtunes and more scientific exploration.

That was one of his criticisms of Franz Joseph's Technical Manual and one of his criticisms of how Nick Meyer handled things in TWOK (IIRC).

I think TNG is a good showcase of his philosophy against which to measure other Trek incarnations, IMHO.

Each to their own - I much prefer the TOS that actually was, with imperfect humans, conflict, money and a Kirk who called himself a soldier to the latter-day Roddenberry's vision of it. Roddenberry disliked the racism of STVI, believing Starfleet officers to be evolved beyond it. It often seemed to me that in TNG they were going out of their way to make the characters as unrelatable as possible. Taking the humanity out of the human adventure, so to speak.
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