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I also don't see how this show can last more than one season.
It's not supposed to. NBC commissioned it as a single 10 episode mini-series.
Thanks for clearing things up. It still feels we are only half-way through the story though.

Yet, I don't think that Yminale quite has it right in saying that Harker is "so unlikable." I think that Harker exists to demonstrate the corrupting influence of Dracula (which Mina railed against in the latest episode), and his arc has been his fall from innocence to depravity. In a sense, he's a bit like Renfield from Tod Browning's Dracula -- a man who loses himself due to Dracula's influence.
Harker was a loser before he met Dracula. Remember the relationship problems he had with Mina. I find it Ironic that Dracula is trying to encourage Harker to be a better person knowing that he'll completely fail and be the exact opposite.
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