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Re: I never got the Akira class as a carrier.

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I'm looking at what are supposed to be "doors" on the front of the saucer...and I'm only seeing 3 small things that look like view ports, if anything it looks almost like a "ten foward" area. Plus, just look at the windows on the saucer, she just looks too small to carry a meaningful amount of fighter craft...
I guess that's what they eventually became in the production model. For Alex Jaeger's original concept, however - in his own words:
I also wanted to make a carrier of sorts, more akin to the Galactica with fly-through shuttle hangers...
The forward-facing launch bays got scaled down and turned into massive windows. They're bigger in scale than the other portholes around the surface, which is why they sometimes appear as if they're something else, like launch tubes. If he claimed BSG as inspiration, he likely envisioned small fighter craft coming out the front as opposed to full-size shuttles, which is probably why the openings are smaller in front than in back.
SicOne wrote:
Starship Spotter also gave a figure of 15 torpedo tubes for the Akira, which I think we're all agreed on, but this has me wondering where they're all located?
As for the location of the photon tubes, amusingly, the model itself seems to have more than 15, based on the production renders at Modeler Magic (thanks for the link, KDID!). In the pod alone, I've counted 12 - 4 in the front, 4 in the port-side-aft and 4 in the starboard-side-aft. Additionally, there also appears to be 4 pairs of lateral tubes on the outer edge on the top and bottom sides of the saucer, both port and starboard, as marked by the same red warning lines that exist on the pod around those tubes, bringing the number to 20. Finally, we saw photons also emitting from the lower section of the dome around the area of the forward navigational sensor during the battle at Earth, which would imply 1 or 2 more forward-facing tubes, at minimum, bringing the total number of photon launchers to 21 or 22!

However, in Jaeger's words:
It has 15 torpedo launchers and two shuttlebays – one in front, with three doors, and one in the back. I really got into it with this one, with the whole idea that the front bay would be the launching bay, and then to return they'd come into the back, because they'd be protected by the rest of the ship.". Visual inspection of the hull and design drawings show all fifteen, plus two more: twelve on the ship's weapons pod, one forward torpedo launcher under the deflector dish and four flanking torpedo launchers on the saucer, two on each side.
So I guess he never thought those lateral objects on the sides of the saucer were photon launchers, even though the markings on the model indicate they might be. They are clearly shown in his various concept images. Don't really know...
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