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I was just reading someone saying something about him in the Star Trek Movies XI+ forum, and I'm just saying: I like the guy. I don't know him personally, but during the filming of Star Trek 09, he was roaming around the set in an Infocom shirt. I freakin' love Zork and the other old Infocom games! So, until given a direct reason for it not to be true, we're cool.

Why do I mention this? Because I feel like I see a LOT of comments - and I've almost certainly been guilty of this, myself, regarding Frakes and B & B - where people have clearly just allowed themselves to turn these people into the stupidest, most evil and poorly intentioned people EVER. They can't just be people who are trying to make the best entertainment they can and live their lives, and are just misguided or bad at it, or bad at doing it in a way that makes all of us happy. No, instead, THEY ARE RAPING OUR BELOVED HOBBY!!!1!!one!

It is more fun, perhaps, to demonize people who do things we don't like, but, it is also pretty much directly against the hopeful vision for mankind's future that Roddenberry and others have tried to show us. An impulse that we need to get past in each of us if we're ever going to achieve anything close to it.

And for the record, while I want JANEWAY cycled through the airlock, I quite like Kate Mulgrew, too.
It's just my opinion, but there is literally nothing JJ Abrams has made tv/film wise that I think is actually any good. I felt that way before JJ-Trek and the feeling has only intensified since. I think the man is a hack trying a little too hard to be the new Steven Spielberg.

That said, I don't know the man personally and have never met him, so I try not to comment on JJ Abrams the man and keep my comments strictly to JJ Abrams the Hollywood director/producer/writer. I do know he has a family, and from what I've heard, he tries to be a good husband and father, so if that is true, then I have to respect him for that.

As for Berman and Braga, while I agree that some of their stories have been kind of meh, over all, I'll defend them. Unlike a lot of "fans," I don't feel the so called down fall of Star Trek was because of them. If anything, I feel they did the best they could to keep it together for as long as they could. I firmly put the blame on the executives at the studio. They were the one who told Berman "Make us a new show or we get someone else to do it" not once, but twice. They were the ones who insisted on Enterprise having something futuristic on the show that lead to the stupid Temporal Cold War. They were the ones who fired Berman and hired Abrams and Orci.

The fact is Berman was hand picked by Roddenberry to keep the Star Trek legacy going and Abrams wasn't. It really is that simple for me.
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