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Re: TF: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Yeah, it was a bit by the numbers along the way but I read the last 2/3's in a day to get to the end. It definitely wasn't as good as the middle three but I still liked it a lot.

I actually like the fact the president protem was just a Bajoran collaborator hiding his identity and not some big master plan with an undercover Cardassian a-la Seska or something else over the top.

For the series as a whole I like the fact the Federation comes out a winner. Andoria is back and even though Bacco is a big loss we don't have a loser in her place. I was going to get weary if the Typhon Pact was going to be about continuing Federation losses after the first book in The Fall.

I'm also OK with the Enterprise being an exploration ship. We've got DS9 and it's related stories for the ongoing political arc and I'm not sure we need the Enterprise to be part of that and it can always be called back for another crossover event. And in the short term at least maybe having Riker around will have Titan involved in some non-exploration stories. It's almost like Enterprise and Titan have switched places. Not sure how long that will last. It would very well be the Titan e-book that's coming out in a couple months undoes all that.

It feels good to be all caught up in the 24th century again...
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