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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Why the decision to make the new Federation President a sympathetic helpful character? Authority figures usually serve to add tension, not relieve it
Not always. And it's a well Trek has dipped into waaaay too often. But that's far from the only purpose authority figures serve, especially in a franchise that's supposed to be about humanity being better.

Also I'm quoting both Christopher and Sci, who are both absolutely right in what they say:
Christopher wrote: View Post
No doubt because Bacco was inspired largely by Jed Bartlet on The West Wing. Or maybe Keith was just tired of the cliche of the obstructionist, inept authority figure.
Sci wrote: View Post
As a reader, I took it as KRAD wanting to do a story about good leadership, both to contrast with Min Zife (very definitely a story about bad leadership) and, I inferred, to express the optimism that the Federation is supposed to stand for in Star Trek.
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