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Re: I never got the Akira class as a carrier.

137th Gebirg, thanks for the link to the Ex Astris article. 440m seems to be the generally recognized and legitimate figure. I also did some digging in my office and came up with the Starship Spotter book from 2001, which gives stats of 464.4m long x 316.7m wide x 87.4m tall.

Starship Spotter also gave a figure of 15 torpedo tubes for the Akira, which I think we're all agreed on, but this has me wondering where they're all located?

Another question about this class, though...why are the warp nacelles canted? I guess an argument can be made that it doesn't matter why they're canted and that they work just fine, but all other designs we've seen have straight up-and-down nacelles, not canted at an angle. I was curious if there was any kind of Trekplanation about it?
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