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Enterprise-E size difference between "Insurrection" and "Nemesis"?

Five questions, folks.

(1) I am of the understanding that the nacelles were repositioned on E-E between these two movies, but wasn't sure if they were moved forwards, or backwards, or just further out to the sides. Can anyone clarify?

(2) Was there any kind of in-universe explanation as to why they were moved, i.e. to improve warp efficiency or some such technobabble?

(3) Also, I am of the understanding that the reference in dialogue to "Deck 29" isn't necessarily accurate, but were additional decks indeed added to the engineering hull to change it from 24 decks to another number?

(4) If the original "First Contact" and "Insurrection" Enterprise-E was 685.7 meters long x 282.0 meters wide x 75.0 meters tall, what are the stats for the "Nemesis" E-E?

(5) Finally, although this question might be better answered in Trek Lit, have the more recent novels mentioned new or more elongated nacelles for the Sovereign-class in connection with being able to utilize slipstream drive?

Thanks in advance, folks.
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