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Re: Why did the crew walk away at the end of The Hunted?

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The occupation of Bajor was only 'legal' because the guys with the bigger guns said it was legal. You know, like real life occupations. If there was at some point a paper signed signing Bajor over to Cardassia, the official who signed the document did not own the lives of Bajorans, and did not have the right to hand them all over to the Cardassians.
If he/she was an elected official chosen by the people to do so, he/she did have the legal authority to do so.

The Federation didn't intervene with Bajor because it wouldn't have been in their own political best interests. It had nothing to do with legality or any kind of higher moral concept. Political convenience, pure and simple.
And the Feds can't go around disregarding Intergalactic Laws accepted by their equals just when they feel like it. It'd disrupt Agreements made to preserve Order and their (equally powerful neighbors) suspicious as to why they should tolerate the Feds.
What you describe is tyranny of the majority. Again, law by means of superior force. An elected official is the employee of the electorate, not the master of the electorate. Bajoran officials have no more right to sign their own people into slavery as Barack Obama has to sell you as a slave to another country.

The natural rights of all people to life, liberty and property take precedence over any pen mark on paper. No form of slavery is ever legal in the truest sense. It just so happened that liberating Bajor would have caused a war to start.
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