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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

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this was a weird book in that it wasn't a single story but a large series of vignettes that took place right before Nemesis. I enjoyed it, but I was disappointed there wasn't a subplot about Shinzon and Romulus. I was looking forward to getting that situation fleshed out as well.
Our goal was to set up the Enterprise crew for Nemesis. In the movie, the Romulan coup was a surprise that came out of nowhere, so there really wasn't anything to set up. I can honestly say that the notion of doing any setup of Shinzon was never at any point discussed by any of the eight people involved in the creation of the miniseries (the two editors and the six writers).

I was also expecting Die Hard Worf to last longer than it did and maybe be the primary story, but given the threat level involved I guess that wouldn't make much sense
That was fun, but there wasn't a need to stretch that out over the whole book. Besides, I had other fish to fry.

Was the hologram Kahless thing established in a previous book? And I'm assuming this isn't the first appearance of Nan Bacco, since they reference her meeting the crew before?
No, the hologram Kahless was all me, though I was using that particular subplot to build on stuff established in The Left Hand of Destiny (and also reconciling Kahless going on walkabout at the end of that duology with his chronologically later appearance as Klingon emperor in Christie Golden's Voyager novels).

As for Bacco, that was, indeed, her first appearance, though I retrofitted her into the backstory and aftermath of the Gorn Crisis graphic novel by Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, and Igor Kordey (which has actually been the basis of most of the 24th-century Gorn stories....), which included an attack on the Federation colony on Cestus III.
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