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Re: Typhon Pact Series

Thanks everyone for your replies - looks like the general consensus is that the series is a mixed bag, which I agree with at this point.

While I really enjoyed Zero Sum Game, I was quite disappointed with Seize the Fire. I felt it suffered for quite a few reasons, with my main criticisms being:
  • Some weird character beats - for example, when S'syrixx took a hostage in sickbay, rather than forming a strategy to resolve the situation, Keru just sulked and Vale and Troi stood around talking about history. Riker willingly beaming over to the S'alath at the end didn't really make sense and was just a plot device for him to meet S'syrixx's mate. Some of the sections from Vale's perspective were littered with weird little passages as well, such as when she imagined a Gorn soldier making balloon animals...didn't really work for me.
  • There were a few too many instances of the characters praising Riker unnecessarily, and of Riker saving the day with a solution that was hammered home as being ingenious - this is fine because he's one of my favourite characters and the main player, but it was sometimes at the expense of other characters. Also, I was never really convinced that anything he did was that clever or innovative.
  • The Gorn weren't a very compelling enemy. Gog'resssh and Krassrr weren't particularly nuanced characters, especially for the amount of time spent with the former.
  • A lot of plot elements seemed to either come out of nowhere (e.g. Brahma-Shiva being sentient) or simply not matter (e.g. Tuvok's flashback). As such, the ending lacked a bit of punch for me because it depended on factors that were just too vague or had no build-up.
There were some parts I enjoyed, though. I liked the fact that we got to see a variety of Titan crew members, not just the senior staff. Vale is a favourite of mine so I was glad that she got a lot of focus, even if some of her characterisation felt off. I also enjoyed S'syrixx's arc, even if the constant recurrence of "he said he had told us everything but it turns out he didn't!" was a bit frustrating. Thevarious battle sequences, such as Titan dropping into Hranrar's atmosphere, were quite good too.

Overall, I'd give it two out of five. It wasn't irredeemably terrible, but it could have been a lot better in my opinion.

I'm already enjoying Rough Beasts of Empire a lot more though, so things are picking up already.

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I really didn't like Zero Sum Game or Seize The Fire, but loved Rough Beasts Of Empire and Paths Of Disharmony. Raise The Dawn and Plagues Of Night are excellent. I'd also highly recommend the fantastic Cold Equations trilogy which ties in.
Thanks - Cold Equations is next on my reading list after the Typhon Pact.

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Also did you ever read Losing the Peace, the TNG epilogue to Destiny?
I haven't - I went straight from A Singular Destiny to Zero Sum Game. Is it worth a read?

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I've been away from Trek Lit (and these boards) for a few years...the last books I read were Unworthy and, away from the Voyager line, A Singular Destiny.
Have a look at the following chart to see what to read next. You really should read in order because of the interconnectedness of the books.
That's pretty useful, thanks for the tip!
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