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Re: Lois, Clark & Superman?

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In the movie, he never really adopts a secret identity. He adopts a hero identity.
That's fine. Clark as the real person is better anyway.
I wasn't talking about that at all.

The point I was trying to make is that in the movie, he never really was Superman. He was just some dude in a stupid pair of pajamas supposedly masquerading as alien armor (which looked even more silly when his opponents wore actual alien armor), and an off-hand comment here and there mentioning the word "super" in equally silly ways. It was only a Superman movie because we, the audience, knew he was supposed to be Superman, but in the movie, he never really was. Let alone Superman who needed a civilian persona -- whether it was who he really was or not -- in order to escape any fame or persecution he'd suffer when not out saving the world.

He was just some... dude.
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