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Re: Superior Resources, The Future of Typhon Pact

Interesting discussion. I hope the statements by Riker and Akaar at the end of Peaceable Kingdoms related to Starfleet getting back to its mission of "seeking out new life and new civilizations" doesn't come at the expense of stories that expand upon and continue to deepen the familiar, interconnected Trek universe. I'd rather read more about the unfolding storyline and the interconnections amongst the intergalactic powers and the characters who represent them than "new life forms and new civilzations." Some of the latter is interesting, but I find the potential for conflict and change and surprise (what is the impact on the Typhon Pact, and the signatories to the Khitomer Accords, that the Romulan Praetor and the Gorn Imperator view the Federation, at least, as an entity they can "do business with"? If Romulus (and Remus?) is destroyed in 2387, how will that shake things up and affect the individual players in the Pact as well as those in the Accords?) in the universe we know to be more compelling.
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