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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Well, if Trek '09 had been the abomination that some people seem to consider it to be...

But as far as the general public was concerned it wasn't, and as far as the Trek fanbase is concerned, it's my opinion they should be grateful that something happened to revive interest in the franchise even if they didn't care for the precise form that it took.
I've said this before and I'll say it again: *IF* JJ-Trek is the only way to get new "Star Trek," then I'd rather we never see another new film or show again. Just my feeling, I doubt I'm alone.

If Trek comes back, it should be the Prime Universe. Gene and Rick set the dang thing up so wonderfully, and it was THAT version I became a fan of. I realize that the studio wants non-fans to pay ticket prices to see the newest Star Trek film, but frankly, I doubt most of them care. It's fans that keep this franchise going and it's fans that spend billions of dollars each year on Star Trek merchandise and tickets to attend Star Trek conventions, not the general public.

The general public will watch (at best) a new Star Trek film once, maybe twice if they liked it enough in the theater, and possibly buy the film on DVD or Blu-ray and that is as far as it will ever go. They would re-buy the film six years down the road to get the new extras, they won't buy the comic books or the video games or action figures, they won't dress up and buy all the things needed to make their costume look awesome, they won't go to Star Trek Conversions or theme park-like attractions (when they exist). They won't invest in the franchise the way real fans do. As far as I can see, the current powers that be at the studios doesn't get any of this. And that is why I don't think Star Trek has much of a future right now. Just a hollow shell of it's once awesome self.
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