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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

30 Days
Aha, the demotion of Mr Paris. Didn't remember a single thing from this episode other than that. Coincidentally, I also happen to be reading the Long Earth by Pratchett and Stephenson at the minute and the chapter I was at was about a totally water planet. But anyway nice episode. Good to see a someone butting up against

Where Voyager reminds us that it doesn't work very well in binge watching. Following up an episode of Paris getting in trouble for breaking the Prime Directive we have Janeway completely ignoring it. I realise they're breaking it in totally different ways, but it just doesn't work this close together. Even a one episode in between would improve things.

Oh, and I know there's a thread called "Why is Janeway sexy?" which I haven't ventured into for fear of spoilers, but this episode should be Exhibit A. Mulgrew turns up the smouldering up to 11. That scene with the scientist alone is evidence enough.

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I loved this episode. The Doctor has a mental breakdown.
Janeway's old prejudice about the Doctor rears its head without her realising, and chooses to wipe the problem from his memory, and Seven steps up as a commentator on equal opportunities. My own issue would be I find it hard to believe Kes would allow the Doctor to just have his mindwiped, but then again she might see it more as 'repairing' then Seven does.

But this episode also solidified my thinking that I've started hitting the point that everything is Janeway and Seven (with the Doctor in there too) related at some point.

I'd noticed it a few times already, but it really hit home when Tuvok walked into the holodeck to relieve Janeway and made a comment about the Doctor's logic. I first expected a conversation between the Doctor and Tuvok about the logic of picking Harry over Ensign ThrowawayHotness, but instead he gets sent away, and then I realised it's been a while since Tuvok really got anything to do. The same could be said for some of others. Amusingly enough Chakotay may be one that was given more than others, alongside Paris.

Oh and Wang is really phoning it in now. But I know that's a problem with his work ethic rather than being pissed at nothing to do.
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