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I like J.J. Abrams, too, USS Triumphant! Whether he knew anything about STAR TREK going in, whether he was a fan, or not ... none of that's important. What is important is that he wanted to make a STAR TREK movie that was entertaining. And this he has in common with everyone from Roddenberry, to Bennett, to Nimoy, to Frakes ... all down the line, that's all anyone involved in STAR TREK has wanted to do. Not all, or even many, of these attempts were entirely successfull, either. Yet, J.J. Abrams was and continues to be ...

That's someone I very much want to have hold the reins of this beloved franchise! And he did everything he could to soften the blow of a reboot, including - and especially - putting it in its own "timeline." But, at some point, this director had to make it his own and he did that ... again, mind you, successfully! You know, I could be mistaken, but didn't STAR TREK '09 even win an Oscar for effects? STAR TREK winning an OSCAR?! Wow, the cartoon was certainly touting that Emmy for decades, and not even Nick Meyer's revered Wrath of Khan got STAR TREK an Oscar. STAR TREK's hitched its wagon to a star, so yeah ... I like Abrams.
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