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Re: Helix - Ron Moore

I dunno. Thought it was kind of awful. A bit dull. Got distracted about forty minutes into the pilot and started surfing the web. The overly familiar setting and plot did not help.

I was reminded a bit of that failed pilot Moore did a few years ago about the astronauts and virtual reality. And how those people didn't remotely act like professionals. The main character is Patient Zero's brother, naturally. And Patient Zero banged his brother's wife, who is also on the team! Seriously? They say they're hunting Patient Zero, but he moves about the place at will and no one seems that concerned about it. "No one moves around by themselves," says the top CDC guy. Then all of the main characters are off on their own. Bah.
Out of 4 stars:
The Light Fantastic: **1/2
One Constant Star: **1/2
Serpents in the Garden: **1/2

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