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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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By that I mean if you watch the original footage, you see Hamill grab Fisher under his right arm with her head about level with his shoulder. Then they cut to the wide-shot of the actual stunt and "Leia" (I'm assuming they're both stunt doubles) is suddenly sort of lying across "Luke's" abdomen with her head under his left armpit and her legs dangling back before she swings them forward, wrapped around his hip so that she's practically horizontal when they get to the other side.
I've been lurking this thread so far, but this bothered me, because it didn't jibe with what I remembered. So, I decided to do a little digging on the web.

The story on the web today is that Hamill and Fisher did the stunt themselves, and that they did it in a single take. This is the most authoritative evidence that I was able to find in my alloted time-frame, though there's probably more authoritative evidence out there somewhere:
Interview with Peter Diamond
By T-bone
Published: December 11, 2000


On your website it says that you 'used a torn pair of trousers to convince Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher to swing across the Death Star chasm in Star Wars.' What's the story there?
Just prior to filming this swing another stunt artist and myself had to demonstrate that it was safe to use and rigged correctly. On the demonstration my harness tore. All concerned heard this and both Mark and Carrie were thinking it was unsafe and refused to undertake the swing. From my position above them I said, 'What's the problem?' and I showed them a split in my trousers which had happened previously whilst rehearsing the lightsaber fight. I said, 'Oh, that was my trousers tearing,' and showed them the tear. They believed my lie and we got the swing in one take.
(It's unclear to me what website they're actually referring to. Google doesn't locate the quoted text in the question anywhere else on the web today.)

So, they did it themselves, case closed?

Well, not for me, unfortunately, because I remember watching a documentary back in the day, in which Carrie Fisher said that she'd planned to do the stunt herself until chickening out, and a stunt-woman was brought in at the last second to do it with Mark Hamill. Now, I haven't been able to substantiate that, so it's just as good as in the rumor pile, alright? Still, I'd swear that I remember that. Plus, even if she did say it in an interview once, I suppose it's not out of the question that she was just being dodgy about having actually done it, for whatever reason.

I tried to find a clip of it on the youtubes to illustrate, but came up empty. I imagine Lucasfilm & Disney are quite prompt with the C&Ds and copyright takedowns. :/
I hope that the documentary I'm thinking of hasn't been buried!

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Tread drift!!
("Stay on TARget!")

I did a thread-bomb based on that idea almost a couple years back:

Now back to the regularly scheduled discussion....
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