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Re: Klingons leading a warrior confederation in the future?

While Worf discussed Klingon honor over and over, and I like his character, how often did we actually see Klingons being honorable? I'm sure that some books handled that aspect far better, but I haven't read them...yet.

It would be fairly simple to create a Klingon antihero show with a few honorable ones and people would tune in. I don't know that it would last more than two seasons though.

Without story arcs over say five or more episodes and doing a monster of the week episode for filler as Star Trek (or any science fiction show) is prone to do, then it's very hard to make races other than the Terrans or perhaps Vulcans be more than one-dimensional.

Didn't folks like the Andorians in the last series? Shran was a very likable character. At least they were trying to deal with them as a species a little and not just have another angry race unlike the benevolent Terrans.

Honestly, I'd rather see the Terrans get their comeuppance due to the fact that we're likely more screwed up than other species.We hardly have the answers.

Could we maybe have a Star Trek that didn't have to resort to the women doing handbras, but wearing regulation uniforms, and honestly addressing sexism even in the 24th Century. Not to make them sexless, because undoubtably that would happen, but a honest expression of sexual identity without doing it just to be tittilating. It's so disrespectful of the actresses. What a double standard.

The universe of Star Trek is incredibly interesting simply from being a show about exploration. It doesn't have to be a phaser battle against a threat every show. That's highly unrealistic and unnecessary.

A crew on a long mission like that would have all kinds of social pressures as well as being homesick and trying to find way to deal with it. A little science, real science with failure and finally success would be great. How many deus ex machina inventions happened over the many series when the chips were down, some crew member on the fly invents something or tweeks some system to go far beyond what it should, though the collaboration of whole engineering departments took months and months to do the same thing. That's just crazy.

Please no more Western episodes, and I like Unforgiven and Tombstone as much as anyone.

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