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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

I actually like the "tweets" during the show.

I do think they take up a bit much space and would be better in a ticker or smaller bar on the bottom of the screen. And not also be coupled with the promo ads in the other corner of the screen which is just dumb because, as said, it covered up the faces at certain times which is just terrible presentation code to go by.

Yeah. If you're going to make a fictional show about backwoods moonshiners running from the law, then a) admit that it's fictional, b) have Waylon Jennings narrate it, and c) put Catherine Bach in it.

I just got done watching it, not much to really say or add. I don't think either series of results surprised me. If I'm not too much mistaken the moonshine-as-fuel idea shouldn't have been too surprising considering that's essentially what e85 fuel is, granted at a much different mixture, which also shouldn't make it's much lower efficiency surprising. Running on pure hooch, though, I was a bit surprised how well the modern car ran on it (did Kari say it was or was not a flex-fuel car?) verses the older carburetted engine. I'd think the modern fuel-injected and computerized engine would be more picky. Though if it was flex-fuel car it may have already been build to run off ethanol fuel. Would've been interesting to see if it would have worked as well in a regular gasoline engined modern car, though I suppose it wouldn't be much different than how the middle-aged fuel-injected car behaved.

Nothing to say on the Jamie/Adam myth. They showed that explosive substances explode under the right conditions.

At least we can say this about this "crossover" episode, it wasn't weighted down with guest-stars from the other series.

Kari did wear her cop uniform well. But I still prefer he in the R2D2 dress from last week.
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